Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Crazy Laws,

I came across these laws (which are supposedly real, ) awhile back. I have a hard time believing some of them (really any of them), but they gave me a laugh so I thought I would post them. :)

In Kansas:
~ When two trains approach each other at a crossing, they shall both come to a full stop, and neither shall start up until the other has gone.

In Alaska:
~While it is legal to shoot bears, waking a sleeping bear for the purpose of taking a photograph is prohibited.

California laws:
~Belvedere City Council order reads: "No dog shall be in a public place without its master on a leash." :D

In Florida:
~Law forbids rats to leave the ships docked in Tampa Bay.
~It's illegal to fish while driving across a bridge.

In Maine:
~You may not step out of a plane while in flight.
~Unless you have a doctor's note, it's illegal to buy ice cream after 6 PM in Newark, New Jersey.

In Pennsylvania:
~Danville: All fire hydrants must be checked one hour before all fires.

In Tennessee:
~It's illegal for frogs to croak after 11 PM.
~In Memphis, it is illegal for a woman to drive a car unless there is a man either running or walking in front of it, waving a red flag to warn approaching motorists and pedestrians. Driving is not to be done while asleep.
~Any motorist driving along a country road at night must stop every mile and send up a rocket signal, wait 10 minutes for the road to be cleared of livestock, and continue. -(I find this one hard to believe.Of course they are all strange. LOL).


Sara N. Smith said...

That was about some being unbelievable! Haha!!

Laura said...

How very strange and funny! :)

Anonymous said...

Those are really funny!

Anonymous said...

Those are pretty hilarious! It would be interesting to know how the people of Tennessee enforce the law that says a frog can't croak after 11pm!:D

Jacob said...

Hm... Not sure I can swallow any of those really. Except maybe the one from California-- Californians are pretty different... :D

Peace! --Jacob

Jennifer said...

I would hate to live in a state that didn't allow you to buy ice-cream after 6 p.m.!