Friday, February 21, 2014

~My Mountain Dulcimer~

I was excited to order and receive my new mountain dulcimer about a month ago. I've been playing it when ever I get a chance, and have been really enjoying it! :) 

This book by Karin Lyle, has been a great help in learning how to play. The red pick is nice as well, all three sides are a different thickness making it easy to switch up. 

I love the redgum wood top and hummingbird sound holes! :) I've also been pleased with the quality and sound of it. Looking forward to learning and playing more when I can! :)

Wires, Cables, and Internet

Ever wonder what's inside an Internet cable? I never did either, but I found out anyway:

Eight little bitty wires (that break easily) and a lot of white lotion type stuff making everything slippery.  Why do I now know what's in the cord? Well, our padio needed the snow shoveled off of it, and in the process of shoveling/scraping ice off the steps this wire was accidently cut through and thus, our Internet stopped working. Yesterday, I spent more time then I would have thought possible trying to strip the afore mentioned itty bitty wires (not easy) and splice everything back together. The result was that our Internet worked, for a few hours anyway, and then stopped again. But, I gave a second effort today, and so far so good. :) Our internet provider is supposed to be calling us with a better solution soon; in the mean time, at least I learned a new thing or two about cables, wires, and splicing that I didn't know before. :) 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Baby Smile to Warm Your Day

My little Matt, his smile melts me.  Love this boy so much! :) He is wearing a super cute new outfit from his aunt Lindsey. :) Thank you Lindsey!