Friday, August 31, 2012

Chicken Update

Well, the egg incubating turned out very well! 23 out of 30 of the eggs hatched, three didn't make it so we now have 20 little chicks:). They are growing and going through the chick feed quickly!

Cute and fuzzy:)
At two weeks they were already getting their wing feathers in.
My favorite. :) When ever I clean the box this one will be standing by itself out in the middle while the rest run scared to the corners. It may be tamer because we (Abby and I) hold it more.
They are about ready to be moved out to the chicken coop now; looking forward to when they start laying! :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wondrously Blessed

"She says I shall now have one mouth the more to fill and two feet the more to shoe, more disturbed nights, more laborious days, and less leisure or visiting, reading, music, and drawing.

Well! This is one side of the story, to be sure, but I look at the other. Here is a sweet, fragrant mouth to kiss; here are two more feet to make music with their pattering about my nursery. Here is a soul to train for God; and the body in which it dwells is worth all it will cost, since it is the abode of a kingly tenant. I may see less of friends, but I have gained one dearer than them all, to whom, while I minister in Christ's name, I make a willing sacrifice of what little leisure for my own recreation my other darlings had left me. Yes, my precious baby, you are welcome to your mother's heart, welcome to her time, her strength, her health, her tenderest cares, to her lifelong prayers! Oh, how rich I am, how truly, how wondrously blest!"

Lord Willing, we will be welcoming our new little baby in less than a month now! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fun Finds

After about 10 times or more of having my computer shut off, jam up, and the power cord not work, I was about to give up posting anything at all. But, I finally had success and so here I am. :)

I generally don't like shopping a whole lot, the only exceptions are book stores and thrift shops. :) Yesterday, I went to Value Village (thrift shop chain here in Canada) and found some good deals.
Some shirts for the little man for cooler weather, as well as a jacket.
Cute little boys shoes:)
Little dresses
I am hoping these curtain panels will go with the new quilt I am wanting to order. I am pretty sure they will and was happy to find them.
I was excited to find this push toy :) Abby, loved using one like this when she first started to walk and Willy also used a push toy when he was learning. Hoping the new little one will like it as well. :)

I also got some baskets and two pictures for the bedroom that I like. It was fun finding all these bargains:).

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birthday Boy

Happy 1st Birthday to our busy little boy William Alan! We love you little man! :) (His birthday was the 19th. I've had a bit of trouble uploading pictures so didn't get around to posting this until now. :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Someone Turned Two!

"Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God." Mark 10:14b
Happy 2nd Birthday Abigail Hope! You are a sweet blessing from the Lord; we love you very, very much!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

They're Almost Here! :)

Almost ever since I married and moved to Canada I've wanted to get some laying hens. For various reasons it didn't work out last year, but now it is finally happening! I was able to borrow a small Hova Bator incubator and a neighbor let me have around 30 eggs from her chicken flock. Today is day 20 since the eggs started incubating and already I can hear little peeps and pecking noises coming from some of the eggs. I am kind of excited. :):)

At the beginning I had a little trouble getting the temperature in the incubator to regulate and was worried the eggs might not hatch-glad I was wrong! :) To complicate it more, the thermometer I am using only registered in Celsius, something I still haven't gotten all the way used to! I now know for incubating eggs the correct temperature should be 37.5 c.

My husband bought me my chicken coop a few months back, :) and my brother built the nice chicken run on the side the last time he was up for a visit. I might do another post after the chicks are hatched, hoping the are mostly hens! :)