Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Spring Has Finally Come To Saskatchewan!

The It's finally feeling like spring here in Saskatchewan! :)  The weather is warm and sunny and the children and I have been loving it! YAY for no more hats, gloves, boots, coats and snow pants and being cooped up inside!!  We went on our first walk of the season a few nights ago it's also nice that it's staying light a lot longer so we can go out later. Here are a few pictures from around the place lately:

Finally something new and green growing!  I'm pretty sure this is a tulip plant. 

The grass is slowly getting green again.

Our cat Sadie surprised us and had her kittens right on the patio behind the air conditioner. I was able to rescue them before the dog descovered them, thankfully. The children have been enjoying them a lot. :) 

Just today the children brought me the first dandelion bouquet they picked. They have been waiting for them to bloom and it made my day to see how excited they were when they ran and brought me these! 

And just because he is adorable and precious, I had to include a picture of Ryan. He was born on March 20th the first day of spring. :) 

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Sunshine Country said...

Glad you're finally able to enjoy being outdoors again taking walks, etc.! It's always fun looking for bird nests around in the spring; maybe you'll find some robin's nests sometime soon. :)