Monday, May 9, 2016

A Sweet Mothers Day

Yesterday was a nice day! After church, we had a delicious lunch prepared by Graham's Mom. She made yummy crab and chicken salad tea sandwiches and wedding soup. For desert there was strawberry, pineapple, brownie kabobs, and strawberry rhubarb cheesecake. :) 

Later in the evening we had a Mothers Day "tea party" at Abby's request. :) Insead of tea I made orange juice.  Our menu included: sliced ham, apples, goldfish crackers, dinosaur gummy candy:), oatmeal cookies cheese and pretzels. Oh, and of course chocolate!  

Graham was so thoughtful, he took the three oldest children to the store on Saturday so they could each pick out something to give me for Mothers Day.  Abby gave me the pretty flowers, William the chocolates, and the tea is from Lydia. :) 


Blogger Jedidja said...

That sounds like a nice, nice day!

Sunshine Country said...

Graham's mom is always so thoughtful! The flowers that Abby gave you are pretty; glad you had a nice day!