Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Tea Party With My Sisters

I've always loved tea parties. Growing up my siblings and I would have them often, ours were never the traditional fancy "English tea", but we did sometimes put a lot of effort into our parties. We'd bake up yummy treats like "Scotch Teas" and cook a pan of lemon curd to top our homemade scones with; other times it would be more of a simple affair with only bagged pretzels (or other snacks we could rustle up from the snack cabinet) to go with our cups of tea.  My brothers would usually join us too, (where there is good food the men will come.) Lol ;).  When I was little my Mom got us cute china tea sets, we broke more handles off those small cups then I can count, but we had such a lot of fun playing with them! :) Before I was married I loved collecting assorted pretty teacups and if I could find a book about tea parties at one of the many favourite thrift stores we went to, well I was a happy girl. :) 

A few months back two of my younger sisters got to come for a visit, while they were here we thought it would be nice to once again have a tea party together. It was lots of fun! We had a good time together sipping our tea, talking and of course eating. :) Here are a few pictures I took of our tea table. 

The tea table. 

On the menu:

Assorted teas
Lemon curd
Smokie sausages 
Lacy cookies
Lindt chocolates

Yummy little sausages. 

View from above.

Scones, lemon curd, and vanilla and cherry tarts.

The china. I found this (incomplete) set at a thrift store, as soon as I saw it I loved it. Some day it would be nice to find the teapot and a few other pieces that are missing to complete the set. 

Another view. :) 


Lilac Cottage Homestead said...

Oh your table looks so so Lovely!!! I hope you all had a wonderful time!


Mrs. Lopez said...

Looks yummy & fun!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and yummy looking tea party! This is so much my daughter. Sure it was a lovely time - so nice you could do it once again with your sister - good memories!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh - just looked at your pictures again and it was
"sisters" not "sister" - how lovely there were three of you! Love the dish set too!

A Heart of Praise said...

Thank you Kelly, we did have a great time together! :)

A Heart of Praise said...

It was Mrs. Lopez! :) Thanks for the comment!

A Heart of Praise said...

Hello Anonymous, yes, it was two of my sisters :), we did have a very lovely time! How nice that your daughter enjoys tea parties as well. :) Thank you for the comment!

Sunshine Country said...

I had almost forgotten how pretty everything looked! :) That was a lot of fun!

A Heart of Praise said...

It was pretty wasn't it. :) I would love to try having another tea party next time you come up (LW)! :)

M. E. Stephens said...

I love tea parties! A missionary in Ethiopia introduced me to "tea" when I was two or three years old and it was love at first sight. Your tea party looks just lovely! Very nice photos you took as well. :-)