Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An October Daybook

Outside my window...It's a absolutely beautiful fall day, bright blue sky, warm sunshine, crunchy fallen leaves on the ground, and a few trees with bright yellow and reddish leaves still hanging on.  Fall work on the farm is still going on, I took Graham his lunch out in one of the fields earlier, and then came home and spent as much time as I could outside with the children before coming in for their nap.  We probably only have a few more days of such nice weather, and I want to take full advantage of it, spending time outdoors before winter weather arrives. 

I am thankful...for my hardworking husband, despite the looong days of a long drawn out harvest, and now fall work, he is not a complainer, and has done an incredible job running things on the farm. 

In the kitchen...Not much is happening in the kitchen at the moment. Earlier, I pan seared a steak, and baked up a pan shortbread for Graham's lunch though. 

I am wearing...A black shirt and jean skirt. At 28 weeks into my pregnancy, I'm well into wearing maternity clothes. I'm excitedly awaiting a box of new maternity skirts, tops and dresses to arrive in the mail soon!  I'm hoping it gets here before we leave for my sister-in-laws wedding coming up in early November (I can use a few new outfits to wear on the trip. :) 

I am creating...humm, I haven't been too creative lately, not much to report here. :)  

I am going... Nowhere at the moment.  I stopped by the store today, so we should be good as far as groceries go for a few days.  Our shopping trip was interesting today, with all four kids, ages four and under, there is never a dull moment. :)  Today, the youngest got a hold of a bottle of syrup and dropped it in one of the aisles, yes it broke, leaving a big puddle of stickiness on the floor.  The worker I told was very kind, but I was left with very sticky hands for the remainder of our time in the store.  I also got asked the now used to question: "Are they [the children] all yours!?!?" Yes, they are, and I love them all dearly. ;) 

I am wondering...the best way to organize all the children's books we've accumulated!  With the two youngest, the books tend to get scattered on the floor a lot.  Totally changing subjects, I am also wondering where all these houseflies in my house are coming from! Ug! 

I am reading...I recently bought a bunch of homeschool, and parenting resource books from a new website I found (here in Canada, yay!)  I have plenty to read, now I just to find a bit of free time to do it in. :)  I did start on one book called: "The Mother At Home" by John S.C. Abbott. The book was first published in 1833, and what I have read thus far has been very good. 

I am hoping...To finish putting up a new clothes rod in my closet and getting the rest of my clothes moved out of a different smaller closet, and then organizing everything better!  Last week, I moved the girls clothing out of our room and also made a big thrift store shopping trip. I was thankful to find almost all I needed for the children's clothing switch to bigger sizes and warmer clothes for fall/winter! Love thrift stores! :) 

I am looking forward to...Having a bonfire with the kids sometime this week, I bought some marshmallows and hotdogs today; it should be fun! 

I am happy...and feeling super accomplished, lol, that I got the floor mopped and the laundry done all in one day yesterday!  Oh the sweet feeling of victory over housework, haha  - for a few minutes anyway. :) 

I am pondering...words from a convincing preaching message I watched during the children's nap time yesterday. It was on the Sermon on the Mount, and after watching, I was left convicted and in awe of God's greatness, mercy, and grace, toward me a sinner. 

One of my favorite things...Snuggling with my baby boy in the morning when he is still sleepy. :) He will be one year old in just a few days; where did the year go?

A few plans for the rest of the week...I have a midwife appt. on Friday, other than that, I don't have anything planned. 

A peek into my day...

Four little children having fun in the leaves! :) 


JoAnna said...

Aww! I still remember how much fun it was to play in leaf piles when we were younger. :) I'm sure you'll be glad when harvest is finally finished!

Amy said...

Little sweethearts! =) The boys made a pine needle pile and had fun jumping in it tonight. It isn't as soft as a leaf pile, but fun nonetheless! =)