Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Year Ago

Three hundred and sixty five days ago:) I saw my (then future) husband in person for the first time:). I can still remember driving into the airport parking lot late on June 9th with my parents and little brother and seeing my dear:) Graham standing just outside the airport terminal waiting for us. At the time we had been writing and calling for around four months. It was exciting, and I was nervous:):). We had a wonderful visit and at the end of it Graham asked if I could come up to Canada to meet his family. With my parents permission I said "yes!":) and my sister and I went up in August of last year. Graham and I were engaged in August and married (more wedding pictures here) three months later in November:).

On the front porch of my parents house in Florida:)

We don't have many pictures of that first visit, but here is one:). I couldn't have imagined that just one year later we would be married, eagerly awaiting the birth of our baby. The Lord has truly blessed us! I am so very thankful He brought Graham and I together; I could not ask for a better husband. :)


Marcia Wilwerding said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! <3

You are all in our thoughts and prayers. May God richly bless you as the years unfold.

Mrs. Wilwerding

lemons to lemonade said...

How sweet,I wish I could see a pic of the two of you now!I am so very happy for you.May God continue to bless your little family.(:

Ruth Ann said...

Emily, it is so hard to believe it has only been a year. God is so good, and I look forward to the announcement of your new little one in a few months. :)

Love you,
Ruth Ann

Arlene said...

How sweet! :o) Isn't it crazy what God can do in a year (or in any time frame, I guess)?!

My husband and I first saw each other one Sunday night in February 2004 (he walked in late to church, and I saw him from where I sat in the choir loft). We didn't talk to each other for several months, though. I think the first time he ever spoke to me was in May... and a year later, May 2005, we were married, lol.