Monday, June 14, 2010


A robins nest I discovered not long ago.


I count my blessings one by one
Though great or small they be,
And know without the help of God
Not one would ever be.

I thank Him for these blessings
Each morning of each day
And then again at close of day
Before sleep comes my way.

He grants me all these blessings
Though sinner that I be,
And with the many faults of mine
I know that He loves me.

-By Harold F. Mohn


Ruth Ann said...

Emily! what a beautiful picture of the robin's nest! I love it...wish I could find one. =) the eggs are so pretty and blue.

and the song...think I can 'steal' it? I absolutely LOVE this! the words are so convicting, so lovely.

I love and miss you! will try to email you soon; I've been SO busy. =)

A Heart of Praise said...

Go right ahead and use it Ruth Ann:).

I know what you mean about the robins eggs, they are so bright and pretty. I was excited to find the nest, it's been years since I last saw one. I'm not sure if robins nest down there in Florida or not...

Miss you too:), I know what its like being busy!