Monday, May 8, 2017

Looking Forward to Doing some Organizing!

For what seems like forever I've had the idea to organize my kitchen cupboards.  I just never took the time and I was a bit frustrated because I didn't have the items I needed. I very rarely make it into town to just to shop,  small children make it difficult to go by myself.  In any event, it was one of those projects that I kept putting off.   I wanted a few lazy Susan turntables for the spice cabinet, and under-shelf baskets to hold other items as well as a few more space saving shelves. I finally took the time to look online and purchased the things I needed, and they have now been arriving in the mail. 

Some of the under shelf baskets. 

Lazy Susans!  I ordered these off the large size was expensive, but after looking other places and getting frustrated by not finding what I needed I went ahead and brought them. If you live in the States you can get them for around half the price of what I paid. With our low dollar it wasn't worth it for me to buy them on after the conversion and shipping. 

Hopefully I can do some before and after pictures of my cabinets soon! :) 


Mrs. Lopez said...

Happy organizing!

Sunshine Country said...

I'm sure this will be so nice for you, and everything will be easier to find. :) Glad you were finally able to buy the Lazy Susans!