Saturday, November 29, 2014

Indoor Fun: Shaving Cream Car Wash

When it looks like this outside, it's time to try and find indoor activities to help keep the one, two, three, and four year olds who live at my house occupied. :) I searched online and found the following idea:

A shaving cream car wash! :) lol, If the picture is any indication, I'd say the kids were quite excited! 

The first tray (or lid from a plastic tub in this incidence) was the "dirty" tray where the cars got a big squirt of shaving cream. The second tray was filled with warm water to wash the cars off in. 

The kids had a ton of fun with it, and played for a long while.  The mess created was minimal, and clean up afterwards was super easy too, a big plus for me! :)


Sister in the Mid-west said...

It to so nice to see pictures of the children! They look like they were having a blast! :)

simplicity said...

I love Lydia's expression in that first picture! :) Looks like they had lots of fun! :)