Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sandwiches: Trim Healthy Mama Style!

One thing I can't deny missing after starting THM is my bread!  I know that some breads are allowed with (E) meals, (and even with (S) meals Joseph's bread is okay), my problem? I haven't been able to see if our Walmart carries them yet (next shopping trip I will be checking for sure!) I'll also be on the lookout for low carb tortillas to have with some of my (S) meals. I'm a bit confused if the low carb tortillas are allowed with (E) because they are only listed under (S) in the book, which doesn't make a lot of sense. 

Anyway, I thought I'd post a few of the sandwiches we've had on the plan so far:

This a basic roast beef sandwich made with the "bread in a mug" recipe, (page 265) with lettuce, mayo, cheese, tomato, pickle, and mustard. This was an (S)

Who wants a (S) hamburger? :) For the bun, I made the "cheesy garlic rolls" (listed as "Marcy's Cheese Rolls, page 271) that I mentioned in my last THM post. I was not overly wowed by the way they turned out, but over all, I think both my husband and myself thought they tasted better then "bread in a mug".

  Having said that, because bread in a mug is super fast to whip up, I will be using it more often for our lunch time sandwiches then this recipe since these buns took a lot of time to prepare. 

For this (S) sandwich we once again we have "bread in a mug" bread, with mayo, pickles, lettuce and leftover baked chicken, yummy! :) 


Chirpz said...

Make your "bread in a mug" using a waffle iron instead of a mug..... makes nice bread.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Use the waffle iron! More crispy edges!!
Thanks for the sandwich ideas!