Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cute Little Birds :)

So far this winter, I have been greatly enjoying the Black Capped Chickadees that have been visiting my suction cup bird feeders that I have on our glass door leading to the patio.  I was super excited when they started coming regularly; they are one of my favorite birds! :)

So cute, look at those little black eyes! :)

Lydia, watching the birds. I have two feeders, so I put one down low for the kids to enjoy. 

Chickadees rarely stay at the feeder to eat, they will grab one sunflower seed at a time and fly to a tree to eat it, coming back to every few minutes for more. Thankful God made such cute little birds that help brighten my day. :) 


Amy said...

So sweet! I love the first picture. =)

Grace Robideau said...

Cute pics! I love watching birds too! I've spotted some really neat ones here. Rob is planning to order me a bird book for our area to help me identify the birds I see :-)