Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fun Finds

After about 10 times or more of having my computer shut off, jam up, and the power cord not work, I was about to give up posting anything at all. But, I finally had success and so here I am. :)

I generally don't like shopping a whole lot, the only exceptions are book stores and thrift shops. :) Yesterday, I went to Value Village (thrift shop chain here in Canada) and found some good deals.
Some shirts for the little man for cooler weather, as well as a jacket.
Cute little boys shoes:)
Little dresses
I am hoping these curtain panels will go with the new quilt I am wanting to order. I am pretty sure they will and was happy to find them.
I was excited to find this push toy :) Abby, loved using one like this when she first started to walk and Willy also used a push toy when he was learning. Hoping the new little one will like it as well. :)

I also got some baskets and two pictures for the bedroom that I like. It was fun finding all these bargains:).

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