Friday, May 13, 2011

Perspective For Mothers

"As the years go by, you forget the bad parts. Or at least you put them in perspective as unimportant. Before you know it, you're wishing you had a baby around again. But be careful not to wish you life away.

First you wish you were pregnant. And then you wish you had a big belly to show off. But when the belly gets to be a burden, you wish for labor to come. And as soon as it comes, you wish it were over. You wish for the baby, and then you wish he was older. You wish your children toilet trained and done with school. You wish them grown up. And then you get what you wish, and your children are gone, and you've wished motherhood away.

The time it takes to have a baby is so fleeting and so full of everything, that maybe there isn't opportunity to savor it until it's over. And when it's over, you're left with you photographs and your memories and your regrets that you didn't appreciate it all the more at the time. You forget how busy you were and how tired. You remember only how wonderful it was to be a mother, and is.

So savor every morsel of motherhood as it comes along. It's important to make it count."

~~ Alexandra McCall (slightly revised) ~~


Marcia Wilwerding said...

It is good to practice pre-nostalgia at any stage of life. Imagine the years are gone already, and you will begin to savor the moment.

It's absolutely true; your babies will be gone for good one day. You will look at their pictures and miss them terribly. Then, if God wills, you may have the blessing of grandchildren, and the joy is much greater because you may savor the moments anew.

Children are such a precious gift.

Thank you for sharing. :)

Arlene said...

Great quotation... very true! Hope the newest little one is treating you well so far with little morning sickness/tiredness. :o)