Friday, April 29, 2011

Bird Watching

It has finally warmed up enough to go outdoors without freezing:). A few days back, while talking a walk around the property, I spotted two Great Horned Owls perched together in a tree. I had my camera and was able to take few pictures. I looked them up in my bird book when I got back inside and found that they are the top predators in their food chain, and will often kill and eat other owls and even skunks! Maybe that is where half the cats on the farm have disappeared too!

Right as I was taking this picture the other owl flew away and just missed being in the shot.

Close up. They have incredible hearing as I was quite a distance from it when I made a small noise and it immediately turned to look at me.
Bird Facts:

Voice: Series of hoots, also screams, barks, and hisses; female higher pitched.

Nesting: Old stick nest, in tree, exposed cavity, cliff, human structure, or on the ground; 1-5 eggs; 1 brood; January-April

Feeding: Hunts mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects; mostly nocturnal.


Southern Sunrise said...

Owls are such neat birds. :) I haven't seen any down here in a long time.

Sarah said...

How neat, Emily! I've only seen a few of these birds before and never very close-up or for very long. These were wonderful shots of them, and I enjoyed seeing them!