Monday, April 28, 2008

Christ Who is Our Life

Christ Who is our Life

“I AM.” Who art Thou Lord?
I Am– all things to thee;
Sufficient to thine every need;
Thou art complete in Me.

I AM- thy Peace, thy Joy,
Thy Righteousness, thy Might;
I Am– thy victory o’er sin,
Thy Keeper day and night.

I AM-thy Way, the Life;
I Am– the Word of Truth;
Whate'er thy lack, I Am– to thee
El Shaddai, enough.

I AM-thy Life within.
Thine everlasting Bread;
Eat of my flesh, and drink of My blood
I AM– what dost thou need?

-Adah Richmond


Anonymous said...

What a pretty picture :). It's interesting how many different kinds of leaves there are.
Thanks for sharing the poem!

Nicole said...

Whay a great poem and pretty picture! Thanks so much for posting this.