Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Two Wealthy Farmers

This is a book that I recently finished reading.

By Hannah More

An allegory, to show the contrast between two farmers and their families. Mr. Worthy is a devoted Christian with a wonderful, godly home. Mr. Bragwell and his family are only "socially religious", for worldly show and live for selfish gain and pride. Often, Mr. Worthy tries to show Mr. Bragwell the error of his ways, but his counsel is scorned. Not until God works in ways which seize his attention and sober him, does Mr. Bragwell realize that the truths his friend have told him are the only paths to everlasting life and happiness. Also contains several stirring poetry selections

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Anonymous said...

oh I want to say that I like the way you have 'comment moderation' - you have to approve it first. I think that's best, because I've seen it done several ways. Ttyl, Ruth Ann

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Anonymous said...
Hi Emily!! :) It's really funny how I "found" you even though you gave me your site in your letter. Well, I hadn't brought the letter
to the computer to type it in yet, and didn't think about it at the right time. So the other day I was on Bethany's Blog, and saw your
comment. Out of curiosity (liked your name, a heart of praise), I clicked on it and saw your user profile. I thought "I wonder if that's
Emily" but of course there's no name to prove it. Then today again I came across another comment, and looked at it, and was sure it
was you, but had to run upstairs to look in the letter to make sure. So anyway, there's for an interesting story. That's neat that you found
Bethany's blog to, I love her blog. :) Do you have any of their cd's? I just got one last week (the most recent one, Going Home) and we have
listened to it almost non-stop. Anyhow, I'll talk later, but drop me a line, I thought that was really neat. Oh, how did you find her blog? I found
it through someone else's through Crystal's at Biblical Womanhood. So it's a small world after all and likeminded people are going to find each
other after all!! Love you Emily! Talk soon, Ruth Ann