Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Fun Project: 2x4 Garden bench

Not long ago I went exploring in the barn and discovered a pile of 2x4 boards.  I had been thinking about buying a park bench to put in the yard, instead here was an opportunity to try to make one out of the boards.  I looked up a few ideas, but being in a particularly frugal mood at the time I decided not to spend money on plans. :b After all, I didn’t have the proper saws to cut angles anyway, I had a handsaw, tape measure and a borrowed drill and impact driver, I was set to give it a try. :) 

Online, I found a bench I thought looked nice to use as an idea. For most of the measurements I checked our porch swing to see how high to make the seat, armrests etc..

Trying to figure out a plan of action! I wanted a reclined backrest to make it more comfortable to sit on.  It did require several angled cuts, and a couple rounded cuts for the armrests, though not perfect, I managed with the handsaw. :) 

Pile of potential :)

Still trying to figure it out at this point. 

The sides were mostly done here and I was trying to decide out how long it should be. 

After I had all the boards cut and partly assembled, it was time to apply wood stain. Many thanks to my Mother-in-law for picking up the stain and brushes for me at the store! 

This was the slightly apprehensive stage, seeing if it was actually going to work. 

Ta da! :D in the end all the pieces fit together pretty good and it turned out mostly to my satisfaction. :)

I moved it over by the raised gardens and flower bed where there was a good spot for it.  The children and I have already used it quite a bit.  It was a fun project to make! :)


Sunshine Country said...

Wow, I'm impressed!!! :) It turned out really nice, I can hardly believe you made that yourself with a handsaw. :) Good job!

A Joyful Heart said...

That's pretty neat! Great job! I'm impressed. Now can you make me one? 😊

A Heart of Praise said...

Thanks! :) There were times when I was making it that I was really wishing for a power saw, lol, but I just did it a little at a time.

A Heart of Praise said...

Thanks, I had fun making it! Sure I’ll build you one too, you just have to come visit me. :)

Sister in the Mid-west said...

Beautiful! I am impressed! You did a great job!

A Heart of Praise said...

Thank you Sister in the Mid-west! :)