Monday, January 1, 2018

Marshmallow Snowman

I saw a cute idea for making marshmallow snowmen to go on top of hot chocolate that I wanted to try. Today I realized we had big marshmallows and some of the other things needed to make one. Below is my first attempt. Not as cute as the Pinterest picture, but not bad. :) 

I used toothpicks for the arms and legs. The picture where I got the idea used small pretzel sticks, but I didn't have any on hand. For the eyes, nose and buttons I used small pieces of gummy fruit snacks we were eating with our hot chocolate at the time.  It was fun, and the children thought he was cute. :) 


Sister in the Mid-west said...

What a cute idea! I like your snowman! He looks very comfortable. :)

Anonymous said...

Adorable. :) His back side is slowly melting away, and he doesn't even know it...haha

Lindsey said...

That's cute! :)