Friday, January 20, 2017

Two Tips to Help Speed Work in the Kitchen

#1 To chop an apple very quickly, first turn the apple stem side down. With a large knife make four cuts around the core as shown. You will end up with six apple slices and the core. 

#2 When you have a lot of small children like we do this tip comes in handy! To quickly cut up waffles, pancakes or French toast use your pizza cutter! It's very fast and easy! 

These are just two kitchen tips I've used recently that have helped me out. :) 


Sister in the Mid-west said...

Oh, fun! I will have to remember these. :)

Sunshine Country said...

I never would have thought of using a pizza cutter, what a great idea! I know it always takes such a long time (especially with that many plates) :) to cut up pancakes and other things for the small children.