Thursday, August 11, 2016

Turkey Dinner and Cinnamon Rolls

This past Sunday, Graham's Mom made and brought over turkey dinner. It was so thoughtful of her, and the food was delicious! 

The feast! Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, homemade stuffing, nifty carrots, corn, cranberries and sweet tea. 

This is absolutely my favorite way to eat carrots! 

Turkey, potatoes, and stuffing. 
Then a few days ago she brought over a pan of these:

Still warm cinnamon rolls!

Oh no, these were too amazing to just have one. ;) Cinnamon rolls are one of my top favorite treats, and these were soo yummy! :) 

Feeling blessed! So thankful for wonderful in-laws! :) 


Anonymous said...

What a sweet MIL you have!! That all looks delicious. Do they live close to you all?

Sunshine Country said...

How sweet of her! That must have been so nice to have her bring all of that over, and everything looks so good. How are the carrots made? Cinnamon rolls sound delicious, and by the way, I really like your plates. :)

A Heart of Praise said...

Hi Anon, Yes, they live around a mile down the road from us. :)

A Heart of Praise said...

Hi Sunshine Country, Yes, it was really nice! The carrots have sour cream, and horseradish in them and a few other ingredients I'm not thinking of, they are topped with breadcrumbs mixed with butter. Thanks, I like my plates too! :)

Ashley said...

Your plates are really pretty-they're dainty looking. :)
Those cinnamon rolls look absolutely delicious! Would you mind sharing the recipe because I would love to make them? :)
God bless you, friend!
Love in Christ,

A Heart of Praise said...

Hello Ashley,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I will try and post the cinnamon roll recipe soon for you. I'm sure you will enjoy them if you make them! :)