Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pots of Flowers

Last week, I bought a bunch of flower plants to put in hanging pots for our patio.  A few of the older children and I had a nice time planting them. 

Some of the flowers.

Two of the hanging pots. 

I thought these were beautiful! 

It's been fun watching the humming birds come to the feeder as well as to all the flowers! 

The children love sidewalk chalk as you can see. :) 

Hope you all are having a happy spring so far! :) 


Sunshine Country said...

How pretty! I'm looking forward to getting all of our flowers that we brought back from our trip into the ground.
The hummingbirds are always neat to watch. I noticed our hummingbird feeder is empty after getting back; the only problem we have, is that the honeybees find it whenever we fill it up and empty it faster than the hummingbirds! :)

A Heart of Praise said...

I'm sure it will be pretty once you get all the new flowers planted! That's funny about the honeybees, I haven't noticed any bugs besides ants coming to our feeder.