Monday, April 18, 2016

Photo Albums

After months of hoping and wanting to, yet never getting around to it, I've finally started on getting pictures actually put into photo albums!!  I found four nice big photo albums at a thrift store last time we went, which is great.  I also have a few empty albums given to us as a wedding present from my Grandma that I'm planning on using.  I have the last six years of pictures to go through. Out of a few thousand pictures, I've gotten about four hundred taken care of so far.  Glad that I already have most of them printed!  

Just a suggestion to all those of you that are newly married: if you are planning on using physical albums, don't wait six years before you start. :)  If I can get caught up, I'm planning on trying to print pictures at least once a year from now on and get them in albums right away. 

New albums 

Seven more big envelopes of pictures to go! 

Now I just need to get all the pictures off my iPad printed out. :) 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I miss the days of photo albums :)

Sunshine Country said...

Glad that you finally found some photo albums and that you're getting to work on getting your pictures put into them! It sounds like a lot of work, but it's probably fun to look back on old pictures as you go through them. :) Too bad I wasn't there to help! :)

Mrs. Lopez said...

look at you go!

I've been able to get lots of codes for free photo books on Shutterfly so I've done a lot of my pics that way, but it takes a lot of time to pick out pictures and put them together now matter what format they are in!