Monday, March 7, 2016

Snowmen and Warm Days

It may not look like it from these two pictures, but last week we had two days that were just beautiful!  It was so warm I even went out and sat on the porch swing for awhile. :) On Sunday we had Graham's parents over, they brought hamburgers, which Graham barbecued on the grill, while the kids played.  It's fun when it gets warm enough that the snow melts some and we can make snowmen! :) 

Matt was pretty excited about this big snowman Graham helped the kids build.

Another snowman made with Grandma the next day. :) 


A Joyful Heart said...

Aw, cute! :) Sounds like you all had a fun time together. It's arpund 73 degrees here today, and I've been enjoying sitting on our fro.t porch and crocheting. :)

Sunshine Country said...

Love that picture of Matt with the big snowman! :) I'm sure you're glad to be having some warmer weather!

Mrs. Lopez said...

Wow, you have lots of snow! please send some south!!

Abbi said...

So fun! We are thankful for Spring being here now but we also totally enjoy the snow that we receive here in Northern MN.