Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Spring Tea Party

On the second day of spring, the kids and I had a special spring tea party. 

Early in the afternoon we started making a few things to eat at the party.  Here, all the kids wanted to help make a chocolate cake. The beater was especially fun to help with! :) 

Then of course everyone wanted to help oil the pan! I can assure you, there was no way the cake was sticking after they were done. lol

Abby helped make iced tea. 

After their naps, the kids iced the cake together and then dumped sprinkles on to their hearts content. :) 

Then it was party time! :) Before we started I had visions of cute little dishes and white gloved little girls with hats and fancy napkins, a place where no children cry, spill their tea, or dump their cake on the floor. Something like this: 

But this is not reality people, ;) at least not at my house! lol :) But you know, we had a wonderful time together and that's what matters! :) 

Happy spring to you all! :) 


JoAnna said...

Your post made me laugh! :) I like the part about them oiling the pan. lol :) It looks like they had fun!

Anonymous said...

What special memories! They looked like they were eager to help and the cake looked delicious. You are a gem to let them all dig in and help like that. I love the pearls on your daughter - she was ready :) My mother used to say that when she had her pearls on she felt dressed up and now my daughter says the same. Glad it was a fun time!

Life in the Midwest said...

How sweet! It looks like they had a very fun time making the cake together. Love the sprinkles! =)
Looking forward to our tea party! (LW)I've already thought of a lot of delicious recipes we can maybe make. =)

Sister in the Mid-west said...

You are such a fun and easy going mom! I am impressed with how many neat things you do with your little ones. You are making valuable memories! :)