Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Last Flowers of Summer

While the long winters of Saskatchewan can be beautiful in their own way, with gently falling snowflakes, frost covered tree branches, and sun shinning though sparking icicles hanging from the eves, (mind, this is coming from one who observes winter from the comfort of the warm indoors and not one who must work out in the bitter cold of minus 30 degrees plus. I'm not sure if those who are out in it every day find it pretty or not.) ...but anyway, where was I? Oh yes, winter can also be rather dull and lacking color.  So, this post is all about how I am enjoying the green of the grass, while it is still green, and the last few colorful blooming flowers left over from the summer flower garden.  Behold, are they not lovely?  :) 




Just pretty.

Red and orange. 


JoAnna said...

Very pretty! Is that pink flower one of the zinnia's that I planted with Abby and Lydia while up there?

A Heart of Praise said...

Yes, they grew really good. :) I will have to remember to plant more next year, they are so pretty.