Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Five Dollar Find

Last week, I was excited to find a pile of Quick Cooking and Taste of Home annual recipe cookbooks. For a long while, these cookbooks have been favorites of mine, due to the layout, yummy easy recipes, and color photos on every page.  I found these books at an unlikely place, a thrift store along the main road in beautiful Banff Alberta. :) 

I enjoy looking at cookbooks, and I can't wait to go through all these new ones! :)

The pictures make me hungry. :) Looking forward to trying some new recipes. 


JoAnna said...

Looks like a good find! Taste of Home cookbooks definitely have a lot of good pictures which makes a difference in making you want to try out new recipes. :)

Amy said...

Great find!! I love Taste of Home cookbooks, the pictures are delicious too! =)