Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pancakes! THM Style.

I love pancakes, and after starting the Trim healthy Mama diet I was happy to know I could still have them. I thought I'd do a post on both the S and E pancakes that I've tried. 

First the E:

These. are. good. :) Just look: 

Trim Healthy Pancakes (recipe in book).  The only thing that makes them difficult to make is you can't use much fat to grease the pan, so they tend to stick, (I need a new non stick pan). Onto toppings!  I think it's safe to say that strawberries are my favorite fruit, when I get to eat them on top of pancakes, well, lets just say it makes me very happy :) :). 

What I'll do is slice the strawberries, then cook with water until soft. Sprinkle in a little bit of glucomannan powder to thicken, also some Truvia if needed, and there you have it: the perfect pancake topping! :) I also will usually have a bit of 0% plain Greek yogurt and a little plan approved syrup. 

The pancakes pair very well with turkey bacon (1g fat per slice, 0 carbs) and maybe a cup of vanilla tea with a little splash of milk. 

For my S meal I made some coconut flour chocolate chip pancakes. I was happy to find stevia sweetened chocolate chips last time I went grocery shopping. Because fats are allowed with S meals, I had these pancakes with coconut oil and a little bit of syrup. The syrup I have is a touch carb heavy, and had to be limited. I also had real bacon, and coffee with cream.  Next time, I'm going to try strawberries, butter, and whipped cream for my toppings. :)


Anonymous said...

Mmm - those first pancakes look good with that topping on them. How are you doing on the program? Do you cook the same thing for your husband and children? If so, how are they liking the change? I've ordered the book from our library and have been waiting a while for it so it must be popular. Have fun with it and hope it is a blessing for you.

A Heart of Praise said...

Hello Anonymous,
My husband and I are both on the diet. :) Both of us are having great success thus far, and are steadily loosing weight. There are a few things we miss eating, for my husband, it would be milk and bread, I miss sweets! :) I haven't quite come to like the taste of stevia, and baked goods made with coconut flour and nut flours can be tricky and just are not the same etc.

For the kids, they eat more bread, white potatoes and milk, but for the most part we eat a lot of the same foods. :)