Friday, February 21, 2014

Wires, Cables, and Internet

Ever wonder what's inside an Internet cable? I never did either, but I found out anyway:

Eight little bitty wires (that break easily) and a lot of white lotion type stuff making everything slippery.  Why do I now know what's in the cord? Well, our padio needed the snow shoveled off of it, and in the process of shoveling/scraping ice off the steps this wire was accidently cut through and thus, our Internet stopped working. Yesterday, I spent more time then I would have thought possible trying to strip the afore mentioned itty bitty wires (not easy) and splice everything back together. The result was that our Internet worked, for a few hours anyway, and then stopped again. But, I gave a second effort today, and so far so good. :) Our internet provider is supposed to be calling us with a better solution soon; in the mean time, at least I learned a new thing or two about cables, wires, and splicing that I didn't know before. :) 

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Mommy-Who loves all her children! said...

That's my Emily, and she is a JOY!! Love you so much. I love that you will make do things that need repaired, just like your sweet brothers, but, unlike you, take things apart to see what's inside, then it's broken and NEEDS repaired. Love your Mommy!