Thursday, September 26, 2013

Posterior Pelvic Pain a.k.a. Sacroiliac Joint Pain

With all three of my previous pregnancies, and now into the 34th week of my forth, I really can't complain about much.   I've been blessed that I haven't had morning sickness or any other major problem or complication (although right now our baby is in a breech position, so we are praying and I am doing some different positions to hopefully flip baby).  Having said that, there is one thing that causes me trouble and that is: Posterior Pelvic Pain (sacroiliac join pain).  It usually starts around the 18th week of my pregnancies and lasts until delivery or longer.  With me, it comes and goes (which is great that it's not a constant pain!), but some days can get pretty bad with me ending up limping around because it hurts so much, and sometimes its hard to get up from sitting, and trying to turn over in bed, let alone get out of bed? Not very fun....

I thought I'd share a few websites that I found helpful on this subject for any other ladies out there who might be experiencing this as well. 

The first Posterior Pelvic Pain  is a great page that explains what is causing the pain and also helpful info on the best ways to move.  If you've ever experienced this you'll know what I mean. 

The second This Spine of Mine Also has some helpful information.

My midwife suggested I get a pelvic support band and so, I'm planning on buying one of these soon:  A Sacroiliac Belt I haven't decided yet if this is the one I'll purchase, but it will be something similar.  

Lastly, I thought I'd also share the two biggest tips I've found most helpful when dealing with this.

1. Always sleep with something between your knees. I found just doing this one thing to greatly improve the pain I experience during the day. 

2. If possible try to avoid sitting on the hard floor. Also for me, certain tasks such as hand washing the floor or cleaning out the van, (activities that require a lot of crawling/bending up and down really aggravate the joint pain quite a bit. 


Arlene said...

I have had some problems with major back pain with two of my pregnancies, but I'm sorry to hear you're struggling with this so much more. I'm glad you've found a few different things that seem to be helping. I found this website a while ago and bookmarked it in case we ever deal with a breech baby... hope you will find something useful and encouraging here. I'll try to remember to pray for this little one to flip around -- and soon!!! Can't believe your baby is due in just a few weeks now! *hugs*

A Heart of Praise said...

Thank you for the prayers and the link Arlene! It looks like the website has tons of good info that will be helpful!