Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quote for Today

"We all have our discouraging days, when things do not go well. Young
people fail school lessons although they have studied hard and done their
best. Homemakers and executives grow tired. Parents struggle to control
their children. It may seem impossible to keep a good perspective, to
maintain a loving disposition so essential to a pleasant day. Try as you
will to be gentle, kind, and patient, your mind is clouded. You come to
the close of a long, unhappy day disturbed, defeated, and discouraged. You
have done your best, but you feel like a failure. You fall upon your knees
with only tears for a prayer. Lift up your eyes and see who will help.
Before His sweet smile the shadows flee away; at His Word new strength is
given. Your work is easier, and life is better again."
       ~J.R. Miller

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