Sunday, July 22, 2012

Belgian Championships & RCMP Musical Ride

This past week, we were able to drive over to Manitoba for the North American Belgian Championships. It's only held every four years so it's quite a big deal. The RCMP Musical Ride was going to be preforming at the show and we wanted to see that as well. It was a fun day, I enjoyed it a lot! :)

One of the four horse hitches.
William, shouting encouragement to the competitors. lol :)

Some of the three horse hitches being judged.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride was really neat to watch!
Abby watching.

Riding in Sync.
Telling where all the officers came from.

After the Musical Ride, you could go down and meet the police and their horses, which was interesting!
Watching them ride away.


JoAnna said...

It looks like the musical ride was a neat thing to see! William is so cute. :)

Amy said...

That must have been unique to watch!