Monday, April 2, 2012

Sauerkraut and Crocks

On my list of thing I want to try doing is making sauerkraut (and pickles). When I was little, my Grandpa used help us make sauerkraut. I remember going down in the basement and watching him check the big crock of kraut to see how the fermentation was going. After about six weeks it was finished, and my mom would then can it for us to enjoy later. My favorite way to eat it was when my mom would mix it with sausage and stewed tomatoes with a little sugar. We first learned to eat it that way from an older man from church we called "Uncle Henry". He had us all over for supper one night and fixed this dish. But back to the kraut,:) I had been looking up the process of making it, but my problem was I didn't have any crocks. Then, a few days ago I saw an ad in the "Bargain Hunter". Someone was selling three crocks, a eight, five and three gallon and they only wanted $23 dollars for all three! What make it even nicer was it was right here in the town where we live. I went to look at them and since none had any cracks I got them all. I was excited to get such a good bargain! Hopefully, I can post more about how the sauerkraut making progress goes when I try it. :)


JoAnna said...

What a neat find! That would be fun if you could make sauerkraut!

Mrs. Lopez said...

I remember when we used to write letters and you told me about making saurkraut....I am not a fan, but have fun :)