Saturday, January 14, 2012

Learning Room aka School Room

I love the idea of having a "learning room", one that is fun and inviting, where school projects could be done as well as more serious study if needed. I came across a few pictures of rooms which got me inspired. I really like the idea of maps, charts and pictures on the walls with maybe some dry erase or chalk boards. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete with out a pet, maybe a hamster or fish tank. :) Also, lots of good books! For the walls, I am so used to everything being painted white that I am ready to try something different. It will be a few years before our oldest little one is old enough to start school, but with a room like this she could start learning now (Not that our children need a special room to learn, but I think it would be a neat place to enhance the experience :). That's why I like calling it a Learning Room. Growing up, I thought it would be neat to have a special room like this, but not everyone has the space and that's fine too. Some of these ideas can be incorporated in other area of the house as well.

I *love* the huge map on the wall! It looks perfect in this setting. I also like the idea of having a small couch (or rocking chair to rock the baby while keeping an eye on the little learners:) in the room to make it more comfortable and homey. :)

I thought this would be a cute way to put up special pictures that the children draw etc.

I love the simple color scheme in this picture. Using a book shelf as a double desk is a neat idea. I also love the baskets! They would work directly on a wall as well; a cute way to help keep papers organized.

I have a long way to go before I come close to having something as perfect as the pictures, but hey, it doesn't have to be perfect. :) I intend to keep an eye out for items at second hand stores etc. and maybe someday I can make my dream learning room:).


Elizabeth E Pruett said...

I love the idea of a Learning Room! The pictures do show some great ideas -- especially the couch under the map.

Nina Gonzalez said...

we had a learning room in our house, and it had a huge map of the world..and we'd have to learn a new country and it's city every day..then recite them at the end of the

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Southern Sunrise said...

That would be so neat to make a learning room similar to the ones in the pictures! I like the idea of the colorful clothespins for hanging up pictures. :)