Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Sweet Treat

It is starting to feel like fall here, and what could be a better time then to make some caramel apples? 1. Get out the creamy caramels and count out one hundred

2. Unwrap the 100 caramels. :) I wonder why they can't invent a caramel wrapping that is easy to remove, but maybe that's half the fun. 3. Melt the caramels, then get your apples and dip them (100 caramels was enough to make 12 apples).
4. Enjoy the cruchy, chewy, sweet snack:).


Abigail said...

These look delicious! I'm hoping we can go apple picking and then make some caramel apples when we go to Michigan.

Arlene said...

Oh, girl, you can buy the unwrapped ones now! Make your life easier and find those next time you're at the store! :o)

Anyway, these apples look yummy! Wish we were neighbors so you could share. ;o)

A Heart of Praise said...

Thanks for the tip Arlene! :) I didn't know they sold them unwrapped. I'll have to look next time we go shopping.

I would love to share with you if you lived close! :)

Amy said...

Yummy! =)

Sarah said...

These look scrumptious!

Naomi T. said...

Mmm! Because of this post, I decided to make some. :) I sat them in chopped candy bars so they had lots of chocolate on the bottom. :) So good!!

The unfortunate thing was that Jesse doesn't like them so I had to eat all five myself. :P ;)