Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Robin's Nest

Last month I discovered a robins nest down by the grain bins in our yard. Over the next few weeks I enjoyed quickly checking it whenever I would take Abigail for a walk by it in her stroller. The mom and dad birds. They were both protective of the nest and would fly quite close to me. You can see the male is a lot darker then the female.

The first time I found the nest it had four beautiful blue colored eggs in it. I love robins:).

A few days later this little fellow had hatched. Then there were two of them. The other two eggs never did hatch.The next time I went down to look there was a huge difference; one of the babies had already flown and this guy was ready to go as well. And finally, the empty nest. It was fun watching for a few weeks:).


Arlene said...

How neat that you got to see all of the stages of the little birds as they hatched and grew! Would have been more fun to actually watch them learn to fly... maybe next year with another birdie family. :o)

In regard to your comment on my Shredding post, have you found a pregnancy workout that you could try this time around? I agree, a supportive, loving hubby is so helpful to have -- God is good to give us such wonderful husbands, isn't he? :o) I guess doing lots of walking with the stroller with Abigail will be a good help, at least. I have one friend that would just walk two miles every day (with nice weather) with her little one in the stroller. She had a quick labor, delivery, and recovery. And I don't think it took her but a few weeks to lose all the weight... I was so jealous. :P Anyway, hope you all are doing well!

Southern Sunrise said...

How neat! I haven't seen many bird nests around here this year; they're always fun to watch. :)

Amy said...

Aww, that must have been fun to watch! The baby birds are cute! :)

Miss Linda said...

How wonderful! I loved seeing the development of the little birds. Thank you for sharing this.

A Heart of Praise said...

Hi Arlene :),
No, I don't have a regular workout or anything. I do try to take a walk whenever I can though. It would be a blessing if it helped make everything easier with the birth, like you mentioned with your friend. :)

Amen! The Lord is so good to give us such great husbands:).