Monday, March 16, 2009

Crochet Projects

Here are a few crochet projects we have been busy with lately. It's definitely been fun to put all our new yarn to good use! I'm hoping to be able to start on a few more projects as soon as I finish with my afghan. :)

My younger sisters (almost completed) afghan.
She does such a beautiful job.
I love the pattern that she choose for this one!

Here is the afghan that I'm currently working on.
I will try to get a picture of it when it is all the way completed. :)


Sarah said...

I love the afghans, Emily! They are both so beautiful! Seeing this post makes me want to start another crochet project. :)

Laura said...

Both of them are lovely! Especially the pink and white afghan.

Ruth Ann said...

Very nice - I know it is always a nice feeling of accomplishment when something is coming together well. :) I'm sure you both will enjoy them when they are finished. I like the colors that both of you chose.

Jennifer said...

Your afghans are so pretty! I really like the red white and blue one, colors I'm planning on using in my future home some day. I'm just starting to crochet. The only thing I've done so far is a pitiful looking wash cloth! It will be nice to be able to crochet afghans soon!

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Gorgeous! I love the colors you chose!