Monday, February 25, 2008

Things Don't Just Happen

Things don't just happen to us who love God;
They're planned by His own dear hand.
Then molded and shaped, and timed by His clock.
Things don't just happen; they're planned.

We don't just guess on the issues of life,
We Christians just rest in our Lord.
We are directed by His sovereign will
In the light of His holy Word.

We who love Jesus are walking by faith,
Not seeing one step that's ahead,
Not doubting one moment what our lot might be,
But looking to Jesus instead.

We praise our dear Saviour for loving us so,
For planning each care of our life,
Then giving us faith to trust Him for all,
The blessings as well as the strife.

Things don't just happen to us who love God,
To us who have taken our stand.
No matter the lot, the course, or the price,
Things don't just happen; they're planned.

~Esther L. Fields


Anonymous said...

What a great poem, thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem! And lovely photo, too.

And I really enjoyed reading the post about rosemary. I don't know a lot about herbs and how to use them, so please do some more posts about them! :)


Laura said...

What an encouraging poem, thanks so much for sharing! And the photo is so beautiful!

Maria Pauline said...

Lovely poem! Thanks for sharing.