Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hidden Rainbow

Christmas Carol Kauffman is the author of eight books. Of the seven book by Mrs. Kauffman that I have read, Hidden Rainbow probably ranks as my favorite. :) It is the true story about a family living in Yugoslavia who, after receiving a "forbidden" New Testament, are led to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

From the back cover:

Hidden Rainbow is not an imaginary story, nor one dub out of antiquity. It is an actual story about real people, the Olesh family of a solid Catholic community in Yugoslavia, and their encounter with the New Testament in the early twentieth century. Through the eyes of John and Anna Olesh the reader is taken into the intimate life of a Yugoslavian village. John is severely censured for seeking economic opportunity in America as he leaves his family behind. Upon his return the family is visited by an evangelical missionary for which they are also censured. Though they are forbidden to communicate with the missionary, they cannot forget his radiant personality and his message. While John is away from home Anna fearfully accepts a "forbidden" New Testament. The reader shares in the consequences and feels the deep loyalties of tradition hanging in the balance, and shares finally in the doubts and triumphs as John and Anna find the power of God.
You can purches a copy for $5.95 when you go to this link


Nicole said...

I love reading Christmas Carol Kauffmans books! Great review!

Vanessa Lynn said...


I too love this book! I also love Christmas Carol Kauffman's other books. ;-)

I wanted you to know that you have been awarded the "Blogging with a Purpose" award, so check out my blog for details. :) Thank you for the inspiration you are to me!

Maria Pauline said...

Sounds delightful! I think perhaps I have heard of her, but I will be sure to check my library for Hidden Rainbow.

Sarah said...

I have read several of Christmas Carol Kauffman's books, though the one that you reviewed, Hidden Rainbow, is my favorite. I learn so much each time that I read it.

Thank you for sharing about her books with your readers!

Marcia Wilwerding said...

Mrs. Kauffman is my step-father's first cousin. I got to meet her at a family reunion years ago. A wonderful lady.

Mrs. Wilwerding