Monday, April 23, 2007

Bird watch: Brown Thrasher

The baby birds

Sitting on the nest.

Interesting Facts about the Brown Thrasher:
  • Brown Thrasher chicks leave the nest at only 9 to 13 days old.

  • They are aggressive defenders of their nest, and have been known to attack and strike at people and dogs hard enough to draw blood.

  • The Brown Thrasher is known to be one of the best and most beautiful singers with the largest variety of songs of all the North American birds. It is a elusive bird, so the chance of anyone seeing it is smaller than that of hearing it sing. It sounds similar to a Mocking bird. Some Brown Thrashers (like the Mocking bird) are very good imitators of other birds songs.

  • Size: 9-12 inches long
  • Wingspan: 11-13 inches
  • Mostly brown on top including tail, the underside is white or buff colored with dark brown streaking. It has yellow eyes and legs. The wings have two bands of
    white across them.

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Anonymous said...

A Brown Thrasher built a nest in a large bush beside my back porch, laid three heavily brown speckled eggs and Sunday they hatched. I check on the chicks each day and they seem to be healthy. Though the mother doesn't like me peering into the nest, she does not attack me. I enjoy watching them!