Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Daybook

Outside my window... Snow is covering the ground. I would love for it to warm up enough to take all the children out to play. Right now it’s -18 degrees Celsius, (or 0 degrees Fahrenheit) and cloudy.
I am thinking...It would be nice to try and make a few loaves of bread tomorrow. I’d like to find a good recipe that slices well for sandwiches without crumbling much.

I am thankful...We are all getting over being sick! Even little Lydia had a fever which was concerning.

In the kitchen...Most of the dishes are washed and everything is cleaned up after making play dough with the children. I’ll try and post on that later…J

I am wearing... A comfortable jean skirt and a rust color long sleeve shirt.

I am going...to try to buy more children’s books and do more reading with our little people. William, has really started to love it when I read with him.

I am reading...a book by Susan Zakula called: Are You Serious About Marriage   It has taken me awhile to get through it as I get interrupted frequently.

I am hoping...To start decorating our living room soon with rugs, curtains, pictures etc. I have been getting some good ideas on the Internet.

I am learning…That being a mom to three little ones takes lots of patience.  :) God is good, and gives me the grace I need for every moment of the day. Our children are wonderful blessings and I love them so very much,  I'm thankful I get to be their mama.

Around the house...There are toys I need to sort through and organize as well as get rid of. They can accumulate quickly! Most of them don’t get used much and end up as clutter on the floor.

A favorite quote for today…“A man can no more take in a supply of grace for the future than he can eat enough for six months, or take sufficient air into his lungs at one time to sustain life for a week. We must draw upon God's boundless store of grace from day to day.” -DL Mood

One of my favorite things...is getting a yogurt cup and sprinkling granola on the top for a quick snack.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I don’t have anything planned right now. Just spend time with the children and keep the house going :).

A peek into my day...
I love African violets! I get to have flowers even in the middle of winter. :)These are on the ledge above the kitchen sink.


Steph W. said...

Wow... reading this post just made me realize how long it's been since I left a comment on here. Of course I visit your blog about once a week, every time there is a new post, but hardly ever have time to comment!
It seems like just last week you were emailing me and telling me you would be getting married, I believe we emailed for almost a year before you were married... then it was about Abigail being born.... now you have two more little ones. Time certainly is flying... :) So glad to see you and your family are doing so well. :)
Email me if you ever get the chance! :)
Your Friend,

A Heart of Praise said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment Stepheny, it's good to hear from you again! You are right time does fly, I will try and send you an email soon if I can! :)

jennifer anderson said...

the violets look lovely. nice idea!

Steph W. said...

Thanks for the comment on our blog!
I understand you are busy... not to worry. The older we get the busier we are right!? But if you ever have some time I'd love to hear from you. ;)

Amy said...

The African Violets are pretty!! I like all the different colors.